The Whiteboard Animation Business

Case Study - The Whiteboard Animation Business

Business Background and Introduction

Firstly, I want to point out that this is currently a part-time business venture of my own that I have created to work along side my current part-time PAYE job, so that if and when the need or time arises, I can return back to full-time sole-trader existance. (Think of it as a life’s back-up plan, but which is real fun to work on it’s short and sweet video projects).

Skills, Expertise and Talents Utilised

In order to create a business, right from the start, you are asked to uploaded your business logo to a variety of services.

I wanted something that was fun, bright, very unique, noticeable and so a vibrant colour and a hand-drawn font was used to capture the essance of what a Whiteboard Animation Video is all about.

Adobe Illustrator

  • Logo design
  • SVG Image Paths for Animated Stock Image Creation

Adobe Photoshop

  • All website images,
  • Photo editing
  • Screenshot image captures
  • YouTube Thumbnail Images
  • Social Media Images Headers and Profile Logos
  • Enewsletter Images
  • Social Media Pin Images

Adobe InDesign

  • Pull-Up Banners for Trade Shows
  • A5 Flyers/Leaflets
  • PDF Lead Magnet Guide

Adobe Audition

  • Voiceover Narration Recordings
  • Voiceover Recordings Static Noise Reduction

Adobe Premier Pro

  • Combination of regular videos and whiteboard animation videos edited together for YouTube videos and Website Videos.
  • Editing of regular video footage, for use on YouTube, Video Blog Articles and Website use.


  • Downloaded, Uploaded and Installed to an out-of-the-box open-source solution (I don’t like to use my hosting companies wizards for this process due to their branding being plastered all over the admin, and past experiences of removing their names from files when moving sites to other hosting companies. (So I adopt an old-school approach).
  • SSL/HTTPS Certificate Configuration
  • Theme Installation, Upgrade & Customisation
  • CSS Personal Customisation
  • Various Plugins Installed and Activated
  • Stripe Payment Gateways
  • Form Integration with Constant Contact and Stripe Payments
  • Google Analytics
  • Yoast SEO Standard Configuration
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel Integration
  • Basic Push Notification
  • Facebook Messenger Chat Service

Google Ad Campaigns

  • Keyword Research
  • PPC Campaigns built, published and successfully executed.

Content Marketing

  • Blog Articles Published Weekly
  • Circulated via my own Distribution List of Activites
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Alert Keyword Listeners
  • Guest Commenting Back-Link Strategies
  • Creation of other Companies Articles in my own Posts
  • Zoho Social Media Pre-Scheduled Management

Digital Sales Funnel

  • Ideal Target Audience Research and Analysis
  • Adverts to Landing Pages to Sales to Mailing List to Various Social Media Profiles, including Lead Magnets
  • Tripwire Up-Sell Strategyy Currently Being Created

Business Management & Operations

  • 3 Email Account Inbox Configurations
  • MS Office 365 Outlook Configured (Desktop and Mobile) using imap settings
  • Receipt Bank and Xero connected and configured for Book-Keeping Tasks on Autopilot
  • Zoho Ticket/Helpdesk System for Client and Task Management

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