How to exclude your own visitor stats (from polluting your Google Analytic results)

Exclude Own Visitor Stats

What you will learn: Exclude Own Visitor Stats

Learn how to exclude your own visitor stats from your Google Analytics reports so you read true visitor information and your own visits are not polluting the stats!

Before you start

Google Analytics configured and working on your website

You will need to have already set up your website on your own Google Analytic’s account and know that it is happily monitoring visitors to your site.

Visit the DIY WordPress section of my website and DIY Google Analytics to learn how to connect your website, set up an account and install a plugin to quickly view your website stats from your WordPress Dashboard.

Repeat for Every Location and Every Device You Use

If you are working on a mobile device, and if you work from multiple locations and different wifi networks. You will need to repeat this step for every location and device you use, to truly know what stats you are reading are not contaminated with your own visits to your website.

Step 1) Find your own IP address

There are lots of websites that will tell you what the IP address is that you are currently working from. I used this website:

Step 2) Configure Google Analytics

  • Login to your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Bottom of left-hand side menu, click on Admin
  • In the Account column, click on All Filters
  • Click on the red button + ADD FILTER
  • Give a name to your filter: eg I called mine “Home ###.###.###.###” where the # where the number of the IP address I learn in Step 1 above.
  • Under the Filter Type, select Predefined
  • Then under that you want to make sure you have selected:
    Exclude + traffic from the IP addresses + that are equal to
  • As you select these settings, a box for your IP address to be entered, will appear.
  • Type in the IP address you learnt of in step 1 above.
  • You then need to apply this to All Web Site Data by selecting the view in the left box and clicking Add >> so that the view name moves to the right box for the selected views.
  • Click Save

Step 3) Repeat for every IP address

If you visit your website from work, then you might want to add that IP address to also exclude your own visitor stats, or if you go to friends or family and use their wifi connection, then add their IP address etc to ensure, you exclude your own visitor stats and don’t pollute your results.

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