Life: Don’t Waste It, Embrace It!

My moto for life!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Angela McCall.

I’m a 42 year old nerd(ette), a mum, a fan of health and fitness, a natural Solopreneur at heart, and a DIY-er about the House and Home!

I’ve travelled the world as a lone-female back-packer (in life before kids) as well as having worked for myself in the world of freelance digital marketing and design for the majority of the past 22 years (as well as having had a few endeavours into other industries as well).

Love Digital Creative Tech

You can take the girl out of tech, but not tech out of the girl. I’ve tried exploring a variety of different careers, following my passions, but no matter what I try, I always find myself returning to my creative digital design ways. Whether its designing a webiste, creating a whiteboard aniamtion, editing family video movies, creating logos and branding, or launching self-published journals. I just love to tinker creatively.

Love the Outdoors

I’ve always loved the outdoors, health and fitness, hiking, running and now I get to share it with my two girls.

I’ve taken part in the worlds 3rd highest bungee-jump, white-water rafted on 3 continents, hiked up Mount Kinabalu, done both a jungle and winter survival course and taken part in various UK hiking challenges.

Love Travelling

In life before kids, I travelled and a lone female back-packer. This allowed me to tick of lots of bucket-list items for life, make wonderful friends and pop back to the UK every-so-often to collect new clients on my freelance tecnomadic adventures. Now I take things a little calmer, but get away when I can with my girls.